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Made for Farmers

Oyster Tracker is aquaculture software made for farmers.  It's meant to be easy to use, easy to enter data, and easy to report on.  Tracking and reporting is a consumer grade experience brought to farms big and small.   


Get the right work done right

Your team is your biggest asset...and your biggest cost. You need to make sure they’re spending time on the right stuff, and that the work gets done on time. Missed cleanings or tumbling costs you down the line in higher mortality or lower quality.

With our activity alerts you’ll be able to see if any tumbling or cleaning fell through the cracks.  When your team completes a task you’ll be able to see it from anywhere, and track work over time. Oyster Tracker uses your own farm's data to help you make sure the team’s time is being used wisely, and all the works getting done.

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Understand your site, faster

Every site is different. What works for your neighbor is a good starting point, but understanding your own unique location is critical for long term success.  It can take a couple years of trial and error and a bunch of intuition to really understand what’s working and what’s not. 

Because you’re tracking all your activity in Oyster Tracker, our reports will help you compare equipment, technique, and environmental conditions against grow rates, mortality, and activity and get your farm dialed in for peak production in fewer cycles. 

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Predict your harvest

You're not making money until the oysters in the water get sold. All too often what comes up for harvest is a surprise, and often not a good one.  A small or missed harvest can mean all the difference in the world for a farm.

With our harvest reports you’ll be able to get a view into exactly what's going to be ready for sale in the coming days, weeks, and months so you can work more efficiently with your distributors and get a handle on the paperwork and plan business spending to avoid losses from mismanagement.


Real-time Lease Management

Oyster Tracker is your digital whiteboard for farm management.  In real-time, see what you have in the water, what's overdue, and how your growth and harvest tracks over time. 

Lease Visualization

See exactly what is in the water at the bag, group, and line level.  See count, size, type, and more,

Activity Alerts

Get notified when you need to take actions like tumbling, de-fouling, and drying on containers.

Inventory Reporting

Track size, count, mortality and growth rate across your farm.  Use the reports for everything from insurance to state reporting.  

Oyster Tracker is streamlining everything, before the information was all on paper and whiteboards hung throughout the factory. Now I don't have to worry -- it's all digital. I can even look at it from home.
Madhouse Oysters
Misplacing a line or forgetting a step could increase mortality, costing farmers money. Changing mortality by just five percent on a million oyster farm could mean an extra USD 25,000 (EU 20,900) in the farmer’s pocket.
I wish I had this tool when I was farming. My life would have been a lot easier
East Coast Shellfish Growers Association
Having worked with Oyster Tracker for over a year, it is great to see them continually improving the solution. The time spent generating reports for our insurance company has been dramatically reduced.
Saltwater Farms

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