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Simplify Your
Seafood Operation

Simplify your operation's paperwork and make regulatory compliance a breeze.

BlueTrace is an easy-to-use, software platform that works with industrial printers to solve problems that messy whiteboards, handwritten forms, and homegrown spreadsheets can't handle.


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Purpose Built for Seafood Operators

BlueTrace is made for shellfish growers, seafood dealers, and seafood wholesalers to help improve the efficiency of their operations and take the guesswork and anxiety out of regulatory compliance.

We're a trusted partner for hundreds of  seafood business owners, managers, and workers.

You work hard 24/7 to put seafood on consumer's plates and we're here to help you get the job done.

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Quickly Print Tags, Labels, and Stickers, and more

Print effortlessly from our iPhone/iPad app to our provided mobile and industrial printers via Bluetooth. We've got you covered with fully compliant and configurable shellfish tags, right out of the box. Or create semi-custom inventory tags and labels to track what’s in stock. When orders are shipped, print shipping labels and a convenient manifest, all using the same tag and label paper. Our printers come with a 2-year warranty, and our thermal printers require no ink.

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Easily Create Digital Logs

For Distributors: When you receive a product, use the BlueTrace app to log or scan lots that will automatically build your exportable log for you.  Do the same at shipping, as you put orders together for customers and get them out the door.

For Shellfish Producers:  As you print your harvest tags, you''' also be building your harvest log at the exact same time.

All logs are able to be easily exported with compliant data for lot-to-lot traceability, HACCP, wet storage, and Vibrio compliance.

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Send Your Data Up and Down the Chain

For Distributors: Automatically get advanced shipping notices from your vendors and/or send them to your other dealer customers.  As soon as a vendor prints their tag with you as a destination, you’ll see in your app “incoming” product that you can just tap a button to receive or can presell in a new sales order.  

For Shellfish Producers:  As soon as you print your tags and tell the app where they're going we can let the distributor know whats on the way.

You don’t need to lift a finger, BlueTrace makes the connections for you to keep logistics as simple as possible.

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See what we're up to on the Blog, and learn more about what's going on in the world of seafood operations and regulations.

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I was sitting at a bar on a Friday after a long week of farming, frustrated with my tags and a [not-so-good] printer we had. I did some internet searching and found you and requested more info. You all called me within minutes and it completely changed the way we do things for the better. It's an awesome product.
Virginia Oyster Farmer
BlueTrace has been transformative for our business.
Jaime Bassett
Shellfish Broker, MA
BlueTrace is streamlining everything, before the information was all on paper and whiteboards hung throughout the factory. Now I don't have to worry -- it's all digital. I can even look at it from home.
Scottie Robinson
Madhouse Oysters, MD
The investment of a little over $500 has probably been the best business investment we made this year.
Duane Fagergren
Calm Cove Oyster Company, WA
What you guys have done has made my life a lot easier, I had a inspection the other day with one hour notice instead of the normal 2 weeks he gives us and didn’t have to worry about pulling my logs together and getting them organized. It was great!
The Fish House, Martha's Vineyard, MA

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