BlueTrace Team

Technology vets and deep seafood experience

Who are we?

We're a team of enthusiastic technology folks from seaside communities who are passionate about helping sustainable, local seafood businesses thrive.

We think the growth of shellfish farming represents a unique win-win-win (more jobs, healthier food, better environment).

Chip Terry


20+ years of startup leadership. Competitive sailor. Enthusiastic mountain biker, and poker player. Mainer at heart.

Kam Kim

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Kam fun 7 x 5

Former farm manager at VIMs and Cherrystone. Passionate Fisherman. Avid Hunter. Virginia native.

Andy Kearney


10+ years of engineering. Native New Englander, Temporary Texan, Skier.

Sean Conroy

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Sean 7 x 5 fun photo

Long-time inhabitant of the Texas Hill Country. Code-slinger. Fond of animal tracks, weird bicycles, and friction fires.

Cat Ganim


10+ years of building digital solutions and products. Native Rhode Islander, beach lover and compulsive organizer.

Call Nichols

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Call 7 x 5 fun photo

Reformed oysterman--Taylor Shellfish, Hog Island, Fishers Island, Shellfish Growers Climate Coalition. Surfer. California born, Washington based.

Drew Condon


Product designer for 10+ years, recreational scalloper, amateur mustacher, and aspiring Nantucketer. 



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