BlueTrace Team

Technology vets and deep seafood experience

Who are we?

We're a team of enthusiastic technology folks from seaside communities who are passionate about helping sustainable, local seafood businesses thrive.

We think the growth of shellfish farming represents a unique win-win-win (more jobs, healthier food, better environment).

Chip Terry


20+ years of startup leadership. Competitive sailor. Enthusiastic mountain biker, and poker player. Mainer at heart.

Kam Kim

Kam 7 x 5
Kam fun 7 x 5

Former farm manager at VIMs and Cherrystone. Passionate Fisherman. Avid Hunter. Virginia native.

Andy Kearny


10+ years of engineering. Native New Englander, Temporary Texan, Skier.

Ben Willauer

Ben 7 x 5-1
Ben fun 7 x 5

Experience Seafood Guy, Former Outward Bound Instructor, Dad, Skier.

Cat Ganim


10+ years of building digital solutions and products. Native Rhode Islander, beach lover and compulsive organizer.

Call Nichols

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Call 7 x 5 fun photo

Reformed oysterman--Taylor Shellfish, Hog Island, Fishers Island, Shellfish Growers Climate Coalition. Surfer. California born, Washington based.

Drew Condon


Product designer for 10+ years, recreational scalloper, amateur mustacher, and aspiring Nantucketer. 

Sean Conroy

Sean 7 x 5
Sean 7 x 5 fun photo

Long-time inhabitant of the Texas Hill Country. Code-slinger. Fond of animal tracks, weird bicycles, and friction fires.

We're Hiring!

We are always looking for exceptional people to join our high performing team. 

Live near shellfish farms?  Excited to make them successful?  Passionate about building relationships?  We might have the job for you.


Current Openings

Sales Leaders