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Go Digital: Improve Your Operation

  • Digital receiving and shipping from your phone
  • Print tags and labels via BlueTooth
  • Know what you received and where it went at anytime from anywhere
  • Improve communications with your supplier and buyers
  • Stay compliant with evolving regulations, including lot-to-lot traceability, HACCP, wet storage, and Vibrio compliance


Inventory Tracking

Digital records that are always readable and never lost. Know what you received and where it went at all times. Reduce loss.

Easy to Use

Work on iPhones/iPads in your coolers and on your trucks--no need to keep running back to the office.  We can have you up and running within a day.


Our prices are scaled for your operation. Small upfront cost and reasonable annual costs. No long-term contracts and endless consulting bills.

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Seamless Bluetooth Printing

Print wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad. Our thermal printers require no ink and are covered by a 2-year warranty.

Tags/labels include:

  1. Shellfish Tags
  2. Inventory Tags
  3. Shipping Labels 
  4. Manifest Labels




Connect your Supply Chain

  1. Get Advanced Shipping Notice from your suppliers
  2. Send your customers Incoming Notifications
  3. Recalls are instantaneous (hopefully you will never use it)

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