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Tag Printing and Harvest Logs

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Take tagging and compliance off your to do list.

A well-run farm requires good records, but government mandated tags are expensive, handwriting often unreadable, and logbooks are sometimes out of date or missing. By some estimates, over 20% of inventory is mistagged. Businesses not in compliance face fines and/or the loss of their license. 

Now harvest and dealer tags can be printed directly from an iPhone to a durable mobile printer on waterproof paper--all for less than the cost of buying pre-printed tags. An embedded QR code means all information on your tag can be passed seamlessly to dealers and buyers--saving time and reducing error rates.

All harvest information is recorded electronically: Making harvest reports, Vibrio logs and financial reporting a breeze.  



Ready, Set, Print.

Enter your harvest data into a simple mobile form and print out however many labels you need, on demand.  Most data are preloaded so you just have to tap not type.

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Affordable, Durable, Error-Free

Our tags are printed on a water proof Tyvek like material using thermal printing (no ink) and come pre-hole punched for about the price you're probably paying today.

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Tell Your Story

Using the QR code on the tag, shuckers, chefs, distributors and consumers can all learn more about you, your farm and your product. 

Save Money

The cost for the printer and enough paper for ~1,750 tags is $500 (plus shipping). 

There are no monthly fees.

You pay only for replenishment of paper--$250/1,750 tags. 

The average farmer will save over 30% on their tagging costs. 

Better Records

Beyond the cost savings, you now have a digital record of all harvests to help with Vibrio compliance, accounting, filing state reports and general record keeping.

Better Dealer Relationships

Poor handwriting and/or record keeping leads to 50% of tracebacks failing. With printed tags that is no longer a problem. The embedded QR code, tags can be scanned by dealers, shippers and others who need to know the harvester information.  Dealers can also print out their own tags directly. 


The printer is water resistant and able to withstand a drop from 5 feet.  It runs for up to 30 hours of printing on a single charge. It never needs ink or toner. If it breaks, we’ll send you a loaner immediately while your printer is fixed or replaced.  The printer is covered under a 2 year warranty.

Designed For Shellfish

The custom specced polypro paper is designed for outdoor use. The tags are the regulation size with a perforation and a hole punch for easy attachment to bags or boxes.  All the legal language and required fields are included in the software so you never have to worry--and if it changes, we’ll update it.

Easy to use

The software works on any iPhone or iPad and is designed to print tags efficiently.  All the information is stored locally and on the cloud. Exports of all harvests can be sent to any spreadsheet or database. 

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