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Simplify Dealer Logistics & Compliance

Feel confident about what’s going on across your operation. Stay compliant with regulations, easily print required paperwork, tags, logs, and improve communication between suppliers and buyers using just your phone.


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Inventory Tracking

See at a glance what's available for sale and when you received it.  Reduce loss by knowing what's ready to move.

Connect Your Supply Chain

Get instant alerts from your vendors automatically about what they've shipped you as soon as the print their tags. Presell incoming inventory before it even hits the loading dock.

Manage Shipping & Orders

Have your people on the floor quickly pull together sales orders based on your inventory with a simple QR scan or grabbing items from a list in the app.



Our prices are scaled for your operation. Small upfront cost and reasonable annual costs. No long-term contracts and endless consulting bills.


Never worry about erasing a spreadsheet or notebook, losing the employee who keeps everything in their head, or having to track down missing paperwork for the regulator.

Easy to Use

Work on iPhones/iPads in your coolers and on your trucks--no need to keep running back to the office. We can have you up and running within a day.

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Easily Print Required Paperwork

Print effortlessly from our iPhone/iPad app to our provided mobile and industrial printers via Bluetooth. We've got you covered with fully compliant shellfish tags, right out of the box. Alternatively, create semi-custom inventory tags and labels to track what’s in stock. When orders are shipped, print shipping labels and a convenient manifest, all using the same tag and label paper. Our printers come with a 2-year warranty, and our thermal printers require no ink.

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Receiving and Shipping Logs on Demand

When product arrive at your operation, your team can conveniently use the BlueTrace mobile app to receive it. By filling out a simple digital form, all the required KDEs (Key Data Elements) are recorded. This form serves as the foundation for all subsequent logs and paperwork. Not only does it easily generate required receiving logs, but it also enables easy export of compliant data for lot-to-lot traceability, HACCP, wet storage, and Vibrio compliance. The same streamlined process applies when it comes to shipping seamlessly transferring the KDEs from the receiving process.

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Real-time Inventory Without the Effort

Knowing what you have in stock influences what you can (and should) sell. With BlueTrace, keeping track of your inventory is a breeze. The system automatically calculates your inventory by subtracting items shipped in customer orders from items you've previously received and logged. This effortless inventory management allows operations to have a clear understanding of the quantity of product in their cooler, cold room, or warehouse. It also helps determine the amount needed to fulfill upcoming orders.

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Get Connected to Vendors and Customers

Automatically get advanced shipping notices from your vendors and/or send them to your other dealer customers.  As soon as a vendor prints their tag with you as a destination, you’ll see in your app “incoming” product that you can just tap a button to receive or can presell in a new sales order.  You don’t need to lift a finger, BlueTrace makes the connections for you to keep logistics as simple as possible.  In the worst case scenario you can use those same connections to initiate or track down a recall.

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